Hearty, Simple, Ramen recipe!

As the days are getting colder, I find myself craving warm bowl of food for every meal of the day. At the moment, ramen is a new favourite of mine as it's so versatile in both the ingredients and flavours that you use and the noodles and protein source that you choose to add to… Continue reading Hearty, Simple, Ramen recipe!

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Vegan carrot cake delivery | SPONGE | Review

SPONGE: Vegan Carrot Cake Review  Long gone are the days where you’d walk into a café, supermarket, or even browse online cake stores and struggle to find vegan options. I remember having to make my own vegan birthday cake from scratch around four years ago because the thought of going around different cake shops and… Continue reading Vegan carrot cake delivery | SPONGE | Review


Choc Chip Oat cookies (Quick, Easy, Healthy)

What better way to end Monday night, than with batch baking some delicious choc chip oat cookies? I love the texture of these oat cookies and how they’re crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and ooze with melted chocolate at each bite. I always have an abundance of oats and bananas in my… Continue reading Choc Chip Oat cookies (Quick, Easy, Healthy)


3 ingredient Protein Pancakes (vegan)

It seems that pancakes can never fail to kickstart a productive day! If it's not for the low glycaemic index and fibre in oats that helps fuel your day by providing a steady stream of energy, or for the simple carbohydrates in maple syrup, then it must be down to the heart filling aesthetics of… Continue reading 3 ingredient Protein Pancakes (vegan)