Simple, Healthy, Vegan Pancakes!

Always wanted to have pancakes for breakfast, regularly, without it ending up being an excessively calorific and processed meal? Well, you can! Oat pancakes that use a ripe banana to bind the ingredients together practically hit all the "health" buzz words, as they're vegan, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, and low fat. Using blended oats to form… Continue reading Simple, Healthy, Vegan Pancakes!


Healthy fruit & nut vegan flapjacks (GF, RSugarFree)

Sweet, filling, soft, crunchy, delicious, and healthy all in a square snack? That's right, these fruit & nut flapjacks have become a weekend favourite in my kitchen thanks to how easy they are to make even if you're craving a snack in the moment- who doesn't love tasting some gooey oat mixture before baking it… Continue reading Healthy fruit & nut vegan flapjacks (GF, RSugarFree)


3 ingredient Protein Pancakes (vegan)

It seems that pancakes can never fail to kickstart a productive day! If it's not for the low glycaemic index and fibre in oats that helps fuel your day by providing a steady stream of energy, or for the simple carbohydrates in maple syrup, then it must be down to the heart filling aesthetics of… Continue reading 3 ingredient Protein Pancakes (vegan)

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“Instagram doesn’t reflect real life,” but it doesn’t have to conform to social perceptions!

Over the past year, I've noticed a significant escalation in the amount of people who preach that social media doesn't reflect real life. A move towards a more self aware state of existence is undoubtedly positive, as it shows that people are becoming more comfortable with the idea that our life doesn't have to conform to… Continue reading “Instagram doesn’t reflect real life,” but it doesn’t have to conform to social perceptions!