Choc Chip Oat cookies (Quick, Easy, Healthy)

What better way to end Monday night, than with batch baking some delicious choc chip oat cookies? I love the texture of these oat cookies and how they’re crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and ooze with melted chocolate at each bite. I always have an abundance of oats and bananas in my… Continue reading Choc Chip Oat cookies (Quick, Easy, Healthy)

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How On Earth Vegan Seitan

Brace yourselves for deliciously seasoned and perfectly coated seitan from 'How On Earth,' who are a family run vegan food business in Devon. Their home made seitan chunks could be said to resemble what is traditionally known as Southern Fried Chicken, or what you'd pull out of a commonly known KFC bucket. 'How On Earth's'… Continue reading How On Earth Vegan Seitan

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Comptoir Libanais Vegan Menu

With the expansion of veganism into the mainstream world, it’s not uncommon to indulge in a hummus and falafel wrap when dining out. We’ve become so spoilt with Mediterranean cuisine that it’s often difficult for falafels to really stand out, making it all the more enjoyable when discovering the perfect falafel. Comptoir Libanais definitely hits… Continue reading Comptoir Libanais Vegan Menu

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Pizza Hut vegan options ( + vegan cheese)

I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t rave over pizza, but what’s better than pizza is NEW pizza options! I was so excited to find out that Pizza Hut have added vegan cheese to their menu, so I just had to give it a try. Most of their pizza bases were already vegan but having… Continue reading Pizza Hut vegan options ( + vegan cheese)

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Winter favourites: lifestyle/ nutrition/ fitness/ cruelty free makeup

With the winter season coming to an end, slowly but steadily- I thought it would be helpful to share my winter favourites! I believe that 'monthly favourites' are more of a theme amongst blogs, but I don't quite think that my life as a final year University student as as versatile for it to change… Continue reading Winter favourites: lifestyle/ nutrition/ fitness/ cruelty free makeup

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VenusArmy sports supplements unboxing and company review

I've been loving the 'Venus Army' products ever since the sports nutrition company contacted me over the summer to introduce their brand, ethos, and products to me. The launch of their 'vegan fuel' protein supplement has really allowed them to branch out to plant based individuals that still want to be part of an empowering… Continue reading VenusArmy sports supplements unboxing and company review


Healthy fruit & nut vegan flapjacks (GF, RSugarFree)

Sweet, filling, soft, crunchy, delicious, and healthy all in a square snack? That's right, these fruit & nut flapjacks have become a weekend favourite in my kitchen thanks to how easy they are to make even if you're craving a snack in the moment- who doesn't love tasting some gooey oat mixture before baking it… Continue reading Healthy fruit & nut vegan flapjacks (GF, RSugarFree)


3 ingredient Protein Pancakes (vegan)

It seems that pancakes can never fail to kickstart a productive day! If it's not for the low glycaemic index and fibre in oats that helps fuel your day by providing a steady stream of energy, or for the simple carbohydrates in maple syrup, then it must be down to the heart filling aesthetics of… Continue reading 3 ingredient Protein Pancakes (vegan)