About me

Thank you so much for dropping by to visit my page, my name is Natasa (yes, It’s Natasha spelt without the ‘h’) and I’ve set up this blog to share my vegan lifestyle and inspire others to eat delicious vegan food.  cropped-natasa.jpg

My passion for vegan food and cooking has inspired me to set up this blog, where I post food recipes and restaurant reviews that offer plant based options. I started my journey on instagram, where I shared my passion for fitness and vegan food on my profile and then created this blog for a chance to post longer and more detailed recipe and review posts.

Following a vegan lifestyle and being both a swimmer and a gym-goer have fostered my love for food and fitness, along with hobbies in both student journalism, freelance writing, and sustainable development. All these interests were maintained throughout being at the University of Exeter, where I graduated with a 2.1 degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE).

My page will mostly focus on the amazing benefits of having a positive outlook on life, which will consequently ensure that you’re the happiest and most vibrant version of yourself. Being vegan has not only helped me maintain a positive mood throughout the day as the foods I consume, along with the compassionate life choices that I lead leave me energised and happy, but a plat-based diet has also helped me overcome health issues such as indigestion and heartburn- you can read more about this in my extended bio. 

In my blog, I will try to maintain an overall theme of vegan food reviews, plant based recipes, ethical living, and general chats about the mental and physical effects that exercise has on our body!


I look forward to writing articles on the ethics underlying  the importance of living a cruelty free lifestyle, the environmental benefits of eliminating the consumption of animal products from our lives, and the health benefits derived from a vegan dietary path. I’m also looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with all of you, but remember, it’s 30% exercise, and 70% diet- so who’s excited for some droolworthy chocolate brownies?

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m obsessed with vanilla, coconut, caramel, and maple flavoured food- yes, I have a huge sweet tooth.

Feel free to email me: nutritionalnatasa@gmail.com if you want to talk to me about anything related to this blog, or if you have any collaboration/ review requests 🙂 you can also follow me on instagram for your daily dose of food and fitness pictures, along with regular videos on my story where I share my thoughts and advice!


To find out a little more about my life so far, my background in fitness, and how my relationship with food has evolved over the years then feel free to read my extended bio (hyperlink).

Take care lovelies!