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Vegan carrot cake delivery | SPONGE | Review

SPONGE: Vegan Carrot Cake Review 

Long gone are the days where you’d walk into a café, supermarket, or even browse online cake stores and struggle to find vegan options. I remember having to make my own vegan birthday cake from scratch around four years ago because the thought of going around different cake shops and getting disappointed was daunting. Not having readily available vegan cake options definitely encourages you to get creative in the kitchen! Having said that, when you need to find a vegan cake, chances are, you’re looking for convenience.

The carrot cake tasted delicious and I was so impressed with the way it looked!

When SPONGE got in touch with me and offered to gift me one of their vegan sponge cakes, I was amazed that you could literally go on their website and just order a vegan cake to your door- well, I didn’t know you could order any cake via post, let alone a vegan cake! I went with their vegan carrot cake option as the icing on it sounded so appetising. Since then, a few UK supermarkets have started stocking vegan cakes on their shelves, but the convenience of having a vegan cake delivered to your door is incredible- even more so when they offer next day delivery for all their cakes.

SPONGE pride themselves on sourcing local ingredients for their cakes and carefully baking them in small batches, which definitely makes them stand out. I always try and emphasise the importance of shopping locally and supporting smaller businesses, as your one order can mean so much more to them than 100 orders will mean to a larger corporation.

I’m not quite sure how they manage it, but my carrot cake arrived in perfect condition and tasted incredible. The actual cake itself was perfectly dense, whilst still a bit fluffy and moist when you cut into it and it was covered in a smooth layer of lemon icing, which had the perfect thickness. The icing was layered with crunchy walnuts to give it that well known ‘carrot cake’ finish.

The carrot cake tasted delicious and I was so impressed with the way it looked, I Immediately ate a slice after opening it up and completely forgot to take a picture beforehand. Now, that’s when you know how delicious something was…. I couldn’t even hold back for the gram!

They also do a vegan chocolate cake, covered in chocolate buttercream and cacao nibs, YUM! I can’t wait to order their cakes when I’ve got an occasion coming up and need a vegan cake delivered TO MY DOOR within 24 hours. I’m hoping they expand their range and bring out some more flavours- maybe a vanilla one (my favourite sponge cake flavour).


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