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Comptoir Libanais Vegan Options | Manchester Spinningfields

I’ve done a Comptoir Libanais review on my blog before, but since it’s been over a year later, I thought a second one was due. When ordering, we usually ask for the mezze sharing platter for our main and then get some nibbles as a start, so we thought we’d try something different this time.

The Lebanese cuisine is known for its wide variety of veggie and vegan ingredients, with falafels and dips being at the forefront. I’ve always thought of the Comptoir menu as one that accommodates a vegan lifestyle, with the wide range of plant-based food that it offers, so why not try something different for once? Their vegan tagine is something that I’ve always considered when visiting, but never got round to ordering it, so this was the perfect opportunity.

Compared to previous times, the food was even better (if that’s even possible) and it’s left me wanting to go back for more. We’ve usually visited the branch down south in Exeter, but we hadn’t visited the Manchester branch up until the other week. The staff were so friendly and incredibly accommodating, especially when speaking to us about the vegan menu items and even offering to bring over a selection of all their vegan mains, instead of just sticking to one main course each. What a perfect opportunity to try every vegan option from their menu!

We started off with some Lebanese white wine that was also labelled as suitable for vegans by Comptoir and a mezze sharing platter for two. One of my favourite things about Comptoir is the way they make their falafels- being a vegan means that I’m constantly offered falafels wherever I go (as it seems to be one of the most popular sandwich fillings as well), so a good falafel really does stand out. I’ve visited Lebanon before as it’s quite close to my home country (Cyprus) and I’m quite confident to say that Comptoir’s falafels are on par with ones that I’ve tasted in Lebanon!

The Mezze Platter for two comes with: Hummus (chickpea dip), Baba Ghanuj (aubergine dip), Quinoa Tabbouleh,Fattoush, Falafels, Batata Harra (for the vegan cersion, to replace the cheese samboussek), Pickles, and some Lebanese Flatbread on the side.

The Mezze was absolutely delicious and so filling, I could eat it every day! Moving onto the mains, the restaurant kindly offered to give us sides of all the vegan mains that we could have, which was perfect for trying them all out. The vegan mains that are on the menu include: Grilled Vegetables & Quinoa Salad (when ordered without the feta), Falafel & Fattoush Salad, Warm Falafel Wrap, and the Aubergine Tagine with Rice (when ordered without the mint dressing). I don’t think I can pick a favourite from  Along with our mains, we also got some Man’ousha Za’atar flatbread, which tasted incredible- the flatbread was perfectly cooked and we really enjoyed how much flavour it had. The main herbs that the Za’atar flatbread is cooked with are wild thyme and sumac and then it’s drizzled in sesame seeds and olive oil.

Here are some more pictures from our main course, including our takeaway that we took home for the next day, as we were too full to finish everything off. As much as I would’ve loved to have had dessert, we were so full by the end of our meal, we gave the dessert a pass. If you want to have a peek at their vegan cake, check out my previous Comptoir post, here.


I had such a wonderful dinner at Comptoir and I ‘d love to hear from any of you if you happen to drop by! Make sure to tag me in your pictures/ stories on Instagram: NutritionalNatasa.

I always love seeing what everyone else orders!

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