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What the duck? Veganuary at Bill’s Restaurants

With more restaurants jumping on the #veganuary bandwagon this year than ever before, Bill’s new vegan options hit it out the park. The menu exceeded my expectations and I loved the wide range of food offered. They managed to please the faux meat lovers with their ‘vegan duck’ starter and ‘burger’ main, but also accommodated vegans who prefer to eat a more whole-foods based diet.

At the start of the evening we were pleasantly surprised by Bill Collison, the founder of Bill’s Restaurants, who spoke to us about the origins of the business and how the restaurant chain developed and expanded over the years. It was such a lovely experience and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to meet him.

We started the night off with their canapés, which were served in bite sized portions and were perfect to nibble on and pass around the table. The Toasted Focaccia with Hummus and Olives were brought over in a perfect ratio of bread to spread and the hummus had a delicious tangy hint to it. We then moved onto their Glow Bowl, which was served on a quinoa base, hitting all the amino acid boxes for anyone who’s transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and is concerned about their nutrient intake.

To finish off our canapés, we tried their delicious Crispy Fried Cauliflower, which might’ve actually been one of my favourite flavours of the night. I’m a huge cauliflower fan and these bites were perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I wish I could go back and order a whole bowl filled with these crisps cauliflower chunks.

Moving onto the starters, our menu gave us the option of the Vegan Duck Salad and the Roasted Butternut Squash, Lentil, and Coconut Soup. Now, as much as I love anything that’s coconut flavoured- I couldn’t resist some mock duck. I ate my vegan duck salad with a refreshing blueberry smoothie, as shown in the picture on the right!

They hit the nail on the head with the texture, taste, and look of their Vegan Duck Salad. Wow. I’m still speechless.

Moving onto the mains, the three options on their set menu were the Aubergine, Lentil, and Chickpea Dhal, The Moving Mountains Burger, and the Black Bean Chilli. I was once again faced with a similar dilemma as I was with the starters- as much as I wanted to order the Dhal due to my eternal love for anything that comes with lentils- I genuinely couldn’t resist their vegan burger. It came with vegan cheese, a side of avocado chunks and grilled aubergine and all tasted amazing!

As for the dessert, ordering the Chocolate Fondant was an obvious choice- it came with coconut ice cream (my favourite), so I was so eager to dig into it. I must admit, after eating my burger, chips, and side of avocado chunks, I was feeling pretty stuffed at this point, but was determined to finish my dessert. The fondant was hot and gooey in the centre, so it perfectly complimented the refreshing coconut ice cream on top.

From only 11.95 for a two course meal and 14.95 for a three course meal, I’m definitely a fan of the affordability and taste of Bill’s new vegan menu. One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding veganism is how ‘expensive’ it is. Legumes, grains, and vegetables are far cheaper than buying meat and dairy, so I think Bill’s definitely managed to prove that eating out vegan is no different than eating out as a non-vegan… well, it’s better!

I hope this review helped anyone who’s considered going to Bill’s and is unsure of their vegan options. Feel free to tag me in your instagram pictures at Bill’s on @nutritionalnatasa

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