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Doughnuts too gorgeous to eat? Marble Kitchen’s delights!

Marble Kitchen’s doughnuts stole my heart the moment I saw them, from the appearance of the doughnuts, to their fluffy texture and delicious flavour, down to the branding of the business.

I first came across these beautifully decorated doughnuts on social media: facebook / instagram on the run up to Exeter’s June vegan market. From the moment I saw them, I knew I had to go to the market to pick some up. I arrived to the Vegan market about 15 minutes after it opened up and most of Marble Kitchen’s stock had sold out! AMAZING!

I’d seen doughnuts with gorgeous art work on them on my instagram feed in the past, but I was beyond excited to know that vegan decorated doughnuts were being sold round the corner from where I lived! Even though we can easily access vegan doughnuts from supermarkets, for example the Coop’s and Morrison’s doughnuts are ‘accidentally vegan,’  I hadn’t come across such beautiful and creative doughnuts before. Exeter’s vegan scene improved so much this past summer, I’m already craving them so much and It’s only just been a month since I moved up to Manchester.

Marble Kitchen is always coming up with new themes, doughnut toppings, and flavours. Over the summer, their instagram page was glowing with beach themed doughnut toppings- so creative! I bought a batch of three delicious doughnuts when I went to the Market the first time and couldn’t resits but give them a little photoshoot and taste testing for a review. Apart from the three featured doughnuts below, I’ve also had the lotus biscoff doughnut, the lotus biscuit ontop was coated with golden shimmer, making it all the more beautiful and delicious!

I’ve listed the three doughnuts I got the first time round and added a pre and post bite picture below for some #foodporn!

Banoffee appeal
This doughnut had a delicious toffee nut glaze and was topped with dried banana slices, biscuit crumbs, and chocolate drizzle.


Facon is good for me
Anyone who follows my instagram stories will know how much I love coconut flavoured things and maple syrup, so this doughnut perfectly hit the spot! It was coated in a maple glaze and topped with smokey, toasted maple coconut facon pieces.


I knew I had to get the flower power doughnut as soon as I saw the baby blue glaze on it and how beautifully it was decorated. This summer has been all about edible flowers and marble kitchen absolutely nailed it! It had a simple vanilla glaze on it (because sometimes, less is more), edible local flowers, and vegan sprinkles. I didn’t manage to get a post-bite picture of this one actually, but it was just as doughy and fluffy on the inside as the rest.


I wish I could pop down to Exeter for a doughnut order, but for now- Manchester’s vegan scene will have to do 😉 You can grab Marble Kitchen’s doughnut at the Exeter Vegan Market on the 29th September, or if you follow them on instagram/ facebook– they do regular pick ups during the year! Marble Kitchen is always coming up with new recipes and flavour combinations that get shared on social media, so I can’t wait to see what creations are yet to come.


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