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Comptoir Libanais Vegan Menu

With the expansion of veganism into the mainstream world, it’s not uncommon to indulge in a hummus and falafel wrap when dining out. We’ve become so spoilt with Mediterranean cuisine that it’s often difficult for falafels to really stand out, making it all the more enjoyable when discovering the perfect falafel. Comptoir Libanais definitely hits the nail on the head with their falafel recipe.

Ever since I discovered Comptoir’s mezze options last year, I’ve fallen in love with the texture, flavour, and consistency of their falafels, hummus, and baba ghanuj. With the recent launch of their new vegan menu, Comptoir has become one of my favourite restaurant to eat out at!

The menu items at Comptoir have always been clearly labelled as Vegetarian, making it easy to see what can be adjusted for a vegan lifestyle. My favourite menu items have always been the falafel wrap and the mezze (where I’d ask for the halloumi to be removed and replaced with extra falafel).

There’s such a high demand for vegan food when eating out, that more and more chain restaurants are recognising the need to introduce vegan options and to make menus clearer and more accommodating for vegans. I cannot explain how excited I get every time I see restaurants launching new vegan menus, even more so when it boils down to pots of falafels, hummus, and warm pitta bread! Growing up in a Mediterranean country, meant that hummus always had a special drawer to its own- at the top of our fridge.

The Comptoir Libanais restaurant in Exeter is located at the heart of the high street, in the Guildhall Shopping centre! Thanks to England’s recent heat wave, we were able to be seated outside, adding a warm summer touch to our authentic Lebanese dinner.

We started off with a couple of starters, lemon and mint infused still water, and a glass of white wine! Considering my obvious love for Comptoir’s falafel throughout this post, a falafel starter was the obvious choice and I accompanied it with some tabbouleh salad for its refreshing taste. I loved the little touch that the romaine lettuce leaf added on the side of the tabbouleh!
The falafels came with a delicious and creamy tahini sauce to drizzle all over our starter, adding a perfect hint of moisture and flavour!

What we’ve all been waiting for- next came the vegan mezze sharing platter for two! I was so excited for the vegan mezze platter as I’d read that it came with Batata Harra, which is one of my favourite sides. I usually order Batata Harra as a side dish with my falafel wraps, but I’m so glad that Comptoir have incorporated it into their vegan platter. The platter also consisted of Comptoir’s infamous falafels, Hummus, Baba Ghanuj, and a centre of lettuce leaves loaded with tabbouleh and fattoush! We also got warm flatbread on the side that I used as a scoop for the mezze items!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Mezze options:
Falafels are made with chickpeas and fresh herbs
Batata Harra are spiced potato cubes with a garlicy flavour- crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside
Hummus is a chickpea, tahini, and olive oil based dip
Baba Ghana is an Aubergine based dip
Tabbouleh is a quinoa based salad with chopped tomatoes, parsley, mint and onions with a lemon and olive oil dressing
Fattoush is a Lebanese village salad with olive oil toasted flatbread and a pomegranate molasses dressing

3 stages of digging into a platter:

If a huge platter of delicious mezze items wasn’t enough to finish off the night, we gave their orange and almond cake a go for our sweet tooth cravings! I’ve got such a sweet tooth, so I’m always impressed when restaurants have vegan dessert on their menu. The consistency and flavour of the cake was spot on! I didn’t expect the sponge cake to be so light and sticky, I’d definitely recommend getting it if you’re on the fence about dessert 😉 


I had such a wonderful evening at Comptoir and an all round amazing restaurant experience, I ‘d love to hear from any of you if you happen to drop by! Make sure to tag me in your pictures/ stories on Instagram: NutritionalNatasa
I always love seeing what everyone else orders!


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