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Pizza Hut vegan options ( + vegan cheese)

I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t rave over pizza, but what’s better than pizza is NEW pizza options! I was so excited to find out that Pizza Hut have added vegan cheese to their menu, so I just had to give it a try. Most of their pizza bases were already vegan but having a creamy (vegan) cheesy element that can sit under your toppings is a perfect bonus. So if vegan cheese isn’t really your thing, then you can just order a cheese-less pizza and it’ll still be vegan!

The pizza bases that are vegan are the Pan dough, all American thin dough, gluten free dough, and flatbread dough. What I love about pizza hut’s bases is that their all American thin dough is still nice and thick, making it perfect for what you want a pizza to be. I’m presuming that the flatbread dough is as thin as it can get, but I like my based quite doughy (see picture below). This time round, I got the tomato sauce as a base, but I’ve also ordered the BBQ sauce as a base in the past and they’re both just as delicious (and both vegan).

Pizza Hut’s decision to add vegan cheese to their menu has definitely acted as an amazing starting point for franchise food places to move towards vegan-friendly menus. Having said that, Pizza Hut have always had so many vegan options- from the fact that most of the pizza bases and sauces are vegan, to their sides, and the salad bar. It’s so refreshing to see that large, international chain restaurants are so accessible for vegan food options.

Their vegan cheese option is under the list of additional toppings on the menu and is available at all Pizza Hut restaurants throughout the UK. Since visiting, I also caved in to one of their recent delivery deals and I was so pleased to find out that you can have a vegan pizza delivered to your door. Adding vegan cheese to your pizza does hold an additional cost of £1, which I didn’t really mind. The restaurant staff were so accommodating in letting me know that the cheese used is actually the Violife brand! Violife’s grated cheese is one of my favourite vegan cheeses out there and there’s usually a half-eaten packed of if in my fridge. It’s also an award-winning dairy-free cheese alternative, making it the ideal choice for Pizza Hut to go for.

The vegan pizza toppings are listed on the Pizza Hut website – but it’s basically all the vegetables! I picked the ‘make your own’ option on the menu and went with the vegan cheese (obviously) and then the Black olives, Mushrooms (my favourite), mixed peppers, pineapple (controversial one, but I love it), and spinach.

Before I forget to mention, one of the best parts of going to Pizza Hut is their unlimited salad bar when ordering a pizza (or any other main option). Their complimentary all-you-can-eat salad is perfect for a feast and whilst their options can vary according to what day you visit, there’s usually a large selection of sides to load your bowl with! I always go for their nachos first and load them up with salsa, sweet corn, and fried onions.

I’ve checked the website and the allergen information to check what salad bar items are vegan and these are your options: Lettuce mix, mixed peppers, red onion, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, shredded carrot, apple, BACON BITS (genuinely, wow), croutons, tortilla chips, crispy onion, sultans, pickled beetroot, undressed slaw.

There you have it, unlimited salad that can be dressed with the available salad bar oils, such as the French dressing and other sauces available to order ( e.g. sweet chilli sauce) It’s worth mentioning that whilst all the salad bar options mentioned are vegan, there’s still a potential risk of cross-contamination because it is self-service. This is mainly an issue for allergies, but it doesn’t affect me that much because the options listed above are categorically animal-free within themselves.

Leaving the best for last… onion rings!!!!
I’ve always wanted pizza places to serve fries/ chips because it’s such a good side for any meal- if it works with burgers and pies, then why can’t it work with pizza? Well guess what- both the onion rings and fries at pizza hut are vegan!There’s also vegetable sticks available on the kids menu, which I’m sure you could order if you wanted to. I genuinely love onion rings so much and most definitely enjoyed every last bit of them- they were so perfectly warm, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside! I was feeling a little cheeky and made little pizza slice- onion ring tacos with the last few slices- 10/10 would recommend!

It was genuinely a struggle to not dig into my pizza as soon as it arrived, but I was committed to sharing my experience with all of you. The freshness of the dough really did show through with every bite I took and I’m still drooling over how fluffy and delicious the pizza was. I can’t wait to go back and re-live the restaurant experience all over again. More info can be found on their official website:

If you happen to pop along to pizza hut for a vegan feast, feel free to tag me in any pictures on my instagram (nutritionalnatasa) as I love seeing what other people order at restaurants (especially pizza toppings). Everyone has different taste buds, so my pineapple preference might not be everyone’s first option, haha!

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