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VenusArmy sports supplements unboxing and company review

I’ve been loving the ‘Venus Army‘ products ever since the sports nutrition company contacted me over the summer to introduce their brand, ethos, and products to me. The launch of their ‘vegan fuel’ protein supplement has really allowed them to branch out to plant based individuals that still want to be part of an empowering and driven brand, whilst also living an ethical lifestyle.

Below I’ve posted pictures with descriptions of the products that I got sent, along with a video showing / explaining the different supplements. If you’re thinking of purchasing their products (especially the vegan fuel protein supplement- nicest tasting protein shake I’ve ever tried- so chocolatey & smooth… and i’m not even a big fan of chocolate flavoured protein shakes!) then feel free to use my DISCOUNT CODE FOR £5 off order & free pink shaker: ” natasa “ . If you have any questions feel free to email me:, or message me on instagram/ comment on one of my venus army pictures if its more product specific (Instagram: nutritionalnatasa)


Venus Army have several campaigns on their website, where they support key issues that are challenging society; from supporting female involvement in fitness, to fighting against world hunger. They’re such a lovely brand that are happy to engage with a wide range of individuals, in helping them become the best version of themselves.

Their key mission is to empower and inspire as many women as possible around the world to believe in both their mental and physical abilities. Through this, Venus Army are not solely a sports nutrition brand that solely aims to motivate female athletes or woman who have an active lifestyle, but the brand is also standing up for all females who deserve to be supported and inspired around the world. I think their bright pink protein shaker and product labelling perfectly reflects their bold and energetic message!

One of their key campaigns is the ‘#iamstrong because ….’ campaign, as this allows women around the world to be kind and appreciative of themselves. By asking ourselves why we’re strong, we not only recognise our positive aspects, but we simultaneously motivate ourselves to improve as individuals. When Venus Army sent me samples of their new VeganFuel protein supplement, I took part in their campaign through an instagram post that read the following:

#iamstrongbecauseover the years i’ve learnt that no matter what you have to go through in life, it can only make you stronger and more experienced. You can’t dwell over things in life because quite simply, you can’t change the past, but you can control your attitude towards it and approach for the future! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mental or physical obstacle, we need to learn to embrace difficulties because we’re going to come out of them at some point and that process is what makes life worth living. Your destination is no doubt a place that you’re working towards, but we need to also recognize the importance of the journey that’ll take us there. […]image2
I’m learning to embrace colourful outfits a little more, especially because of how they pair with my @venusarmy flashy pink shaker! The wonderful team over at @venusarmy have sent me some sachets of one of their first new vegan additions- the #veganfuel powder! The shake is basically a ‘meal replacement’ that gives you a good amount of vegan protein and superfoods all in one go! The ingredients are incredible- ranging from goji berries, acai, flaxseeds, spirulina, to multivitamins! I’ll try it out over the course of the week and let you all know what i think- the taste alone though is delicious and it’s got a decent consistency as well- it’s got a perfect mix of chocolate and berries 😻😻😻 Personally, i wouldn’t use it as a meal replacement as such because i eat a lot more calories/ density per meal and throughout the day but it’s nonetheless a great option for people who are on the go and need to get all their nutrients in for a quick #postworkoutmeal. ”

Venus Army’s support for The Hunger Project can be found under their campaigns section on their website’s ‘about us’ section: The campaign consists of a 5k run that aims to fundraise in the run up of the event, of which funds will be used to increasing the welfare of impoverished individuals around the world.

The products they sent me are:

  • Vegan Fuel protein powder, which can also be used as a food supplement (see below)
  • Bright pink protein shaker
  • Glow Complex capsules
  • Detox & Beauty capsules
  • Shred & Energise capsules

DISCOUNT CODE FOR £5 off order & free pink shaker: ” natasa “image1

  • Vegan Fuel protein supplement
    – Also called a drinkable supermeal due to the wide range of vital nutrients and vitamins that the shake consists of.It acts as a complete meal replacement  that gives your bimage5ody everything it needs, as its powered by over 12 different superfoods and proteinsto fuel your body, boost productivity and happiness. This drink allows you to savetime, whilst also following an efficient cruelty free mealchoicethroughthe 24g of protein, and 25g of complex carbs that Vegan Fuel consists of,  keeping you full and energized! Simply add 2 scoops of the powder to a shaker with 300-500ml of coconut milk, orwater- depending on your desired consistency and shake it up for 20″ until smooth. The protein shake blends really smoothly without leaving a chalky/ grainy residue. Also works well in brownies or pancakes (can easily be added to recipes previously posted on my blog- stay tuned for upcoming recipes featuring Vegan Fuel)

Before I outline the different capsules, their purposes and ingredients list, I want to acknowledge the controversial nature of vitamin supplements and weight loss aiding tablets. As I mentioned in my video, I largely agree that supplements are not required for someone who is following a balanced diet that consist of all essential nutrients and vitamins, however considering that most of us lead busy lifestyles and are always on the go, convenient options that help us tick our daily health boxes do act as a viable option. For example, many of these capsules consist of naturally occurring amino acids and vitamins that are found in some of the simples, cheapest, and yummiest plant based foods- even as simple as fruits, veggies, and grains. However, for someone who is constantly running within a busy schedule, taking supplements removes an added element of stress from someone’s life!

  • Glow Complex capsules
    –  These capsules help promote a healthy lifestyle by nourishing our hair, skin and nails. They claim to be able to prevent signs of ageing and brittleness of nails by replacing valuable nutrients, which may have been lost in dieting. It’s benefits to skin health would be seen through silica, which is one of the biggest components of collagen. Topping the body up with this mineral enables the skin to repair itself effectively.
    INGREDIENTSMSN, Silica,Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 80mg,Marine Chondroitin 90% 50mg Providing Active Chondroitin,Marine Collagen.
  • Detox & Beauty capsules 
    – These capsules are intended towards detoxifying the body through their metabolic supporting agents, along with herbal colon cleansing substances that can help aid inflammation and bloating.
    INGREDIENTS: Psyllium Hush Providing, Calcium Carbonate, Cranberry, Inulin, Knojac Fibre (Glucomannan 90%), Vitamin C (Asorbic Acid), Aloe Vera, Anise Seed, Fennel, Rhubarb Root, Liquorice Root Extract, Sea Buckthorn, Gentian Root Extract, Lactobacillus Acidophillus
  • Shred & Energise capsules 
    – These capsules are intended to aid fat burning in the body by increasing one’s metabolic rate and energy levels. These capsules consist of Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which is a processed version of the L-Carnitine amino acid that is scientifically known to convert fat stores into energy when exercising. I am not personally trying to lose weight right now and I don’t believe that capsules act as ‘quick fixes’ because sustainable lifestyle choices that keep you feeling satiated and satisfied after your meals will be easier to maintain. However, these options are practical for individuals that want to enter a ‘cut’ phase in their fitness journey.
    INGREDIENTS: Glucomannan, Caffeine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, Raspberry Fruit Extract, Green Coffee Bean, African Mango, Capsicum, Bladderwrack Extract.



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