3 ingredient Protein Pancakes (vegan)

It seems that pancakes can never fail to kickstart a productive day! If it’s not for the low glycaemic index and fibre in oats that helps fuel your day by providing a steady stream of energy, or for the simple carbohydrates in maple syrup, then it must be down to the heart filling aesthetics of blueberry stacked pancakes themselves.

My pancake recipe (click on hyperlink) has usually consisted of either using one part flax seeds, two part water (e.g. 2tbsp flax seeds, 4 tbsp lukewarm water) as an egg replacement, or a mashed up banana. However, I had neither lying around the house yesterday, but my pancake craving just kept coming back. What I’ve learnt over the years is that craving should not be suppressed, or concealed by snacking on other foods. I’d been craving pancakes from the moment I woke up, yet kept snacking on toast with jam, digestives, and mangoes all day to curb my sweet tooth…. turns out, my tummy just needed a good ol’ stack of pancakes. So i gave in. I improvised. I succeeded! THREE ingredients… and nine hours of contemplation is all it took to finally whip up some protein pancakes!

I usually blend porridge oats for my pancakes because I’m more likely to have some lying around the house, but any other flour would work just as well for them, but might not have the long lasting energy effects that you’ll benefit from when using oats. Also, this recipe doesn’t necessarily require a blender or food processor to make, however I’d suggest using quick oats that are finely processed beforehand, or a conventional form of flour if whisking it up to avoid clumps.

What makes this recipe SO quick, easy, and simple to make are the THREE ingredients used! Yep, you heard me, just 3 ingredients for a fluffy, delicious, and satiating base! 1 cup oats, 1 cup plant milk (water could work too but it might make their consistency too think), and a scoop and abit of protein powder. Any vegan protein powder would work because they’re good at binding ingredients together, but my personal favourites are Sunwarrior vanilla flavoured protein powder, Rawfusion banana nut flavoured protein powder, and Venusarmy vegan fuel protein powder.


• 1 cup oat flour (~55g) (Blend up oat, or use any other conventional flour)
• 1 cup plat milk (I used coconut milk, but any other plant milk would work too)
• 40g protein powder (1.5 scoops depending on the brand you use)
• (Handful of frozen blueberries and sprinkled cinnamon- optional for added flavour) 

1. Blend up  ingredients using a blender/ food processor/ or whisk if using quick oats/ flour.
3. Meanwhile, heat up a pan on medium-high.
4.  Add a couple tbsp. of coconut oil in the pan if you don’t have a non-stick pan.
5. Pour the mixture into the pan, in small doses and sprinkle cinnamon and frozen blueberries ontop.
6. Flip them over when they start to bubble ontop and serve with toppings of choice! 


Approximate macros: 62g carbs, 11g fat, 36g protein!

Hope you enjoyed the recipe and don’t forget to check out my other pancake recipe on my blog: CLICK HERE and tag me on INSTAGRAM if you recreate it: nutritionalnatasa !


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